French 'D'ambiance Lavande' Lavender Reed Diffuser


This scent will transport you straight back to France and the fields of Provence with it's authentic lavender scent.

Made in France and presented in a beautiful glass bottle, cork stopper and sealed with a hand struck wax seal it will look stylish whilst providing a soft fragrance in your room all day so that, from the moment you step into it, it’s a space for relaxation. 

We recommend using four to eight reeds for the perfect amount of scent release and for best results place your diffuser in a warm room, bathroom or hallway and out of direct sunlight. Making sure to flip the reeds every 2-3 weeks will intensify the scent throw. 

Choose from either 100ml or 250ml with 100ml providing you with scent for up to 8 weeks or 250ml up to 16 weeks.