Hanno Golden Hamster


Meet Hanno the Golden Hamster. He is the right size to pop into any bag or deep coat pocket and makes the ideal travel companion. A fun design by the outstanding German maker - Steiff.

Hanno is 10cm / 4" in size and non-jointed. He has been sewn from two luxurious and dense short-pile plushes in honey and white, with smooth pink accents for his paws and ears, all of which have received delicate hand shading to define and shape, just like his glossy black safety eyes and wee stitched nose and mouth, whilst having been part-bean filled for that satisfactory, squidgy soft feel. I sense a great new buddy in the making!

Crafted from the softest of plushes with synthetic filling and machine washable at 30C.

*Certified in accordance with DIN standard EN ISO 9001. Please refer to the care and safety guide - machine washable at 30°c, not to be bleached, dry cleaned, tumble dried or ironed.