Mirka Wet & Dry Sandpaper Sheet - 120 & 240 Grit


Mirka Waterproof is the professional's choice when it comes to wet and dry sandpaper. It is a high quality Waterproof abrasive paper or Wet and Dry as it is commonly known. 

Although cheaper alternatives are available Mirka paper cuts faster and lasts longer and more importantly it actually produces far better results than the seemingly cheaper alternatives.

Mirka Waterproof uses a latex impregnated paper as a backing material and extra durable grit binding to prevent disintegration of the paper even during prolonged use. The silicone carbide grit used on the paper is fast cutting and very resistant to clogging (when used with water).


  • Fully waterproof latex impregnated paper
  • Will not flake or disintegrate
  • Fast cutting, none clogging silicone carbide abrasive
  • Full range of grits available

Mirka Waterproof is perfect for wet sanding lacquers and paint finishes prior to finishing with a polishing compound.


To get the most from your sanding use the paper in conjunction with a foam sanding block for smooth, flat finishes. For best results always progress through all of the grits (120, 240, 400, 800 etc) without being tempted to miss any out. Never move on to the next grit until all the scratches of the previous grit have been removed and only the scratches of the current grit remain. Always wash your part and the sanding pad and change the water whenever you change grit.

Available in 120 and 240 grit and each sheet measures 230mm x 280mm. 

                      Please note you are purchasing ONE sheet only.