Soft Cuddly Friends - Ockto Octopus

Size: 27cm
With spring back tentacles and the widest of smile, welcomes Ockto Octopus from Steiff's Soft Cuddly Friends Range.

Ockto Octopus is 27cm in size and sewn from two super soft plushes. A luxurious aqua velvet, with a fluffy and dense light blue for the underside of his 'rubber band' tentacles. He has the friendliest of expressions, embroidered features consisting of laughing eyes with a wide happy smile. His main body (head) will retain its shape as it has a bag of beans concealed safely inside, whilst his tentacles have been sewn with elastic, ensuring they always spring back and hold their 'kinked' shape. Great fun and ideal for sensory little fingers.


Being a Steiff, she wears her firmly attached and non-removable, stainless steel 'Button in the Ear'

Crafted from the softest of plushes with synthetic filling and machine washable at 30C.

*Certified in accordance with DIN standard EN ISO 9001. Please refer to the care and safety guide - machine washable at 30°c, not to be bleached, dry cleaned, tumble dried or ironed.