Steiff Teddies for Tomorrow Richard Teddy Bear


Continuing with Steiff's Teddies of Tomorrows series, we introduce Richard, a grey teddy bear (named after his creator) and inspired, from an important
1905 original, the design of which, was 3 years in the making.

To Richard Steiff, he was the 'perfect' Teddy Bear, with a welcoming, friendly face and disc joints, the design of which is still in use today, with the original, highly prized piece residing in the Steiff museum. The Teddies of Tomorrow series of creating animals and bears out of organic and recyclable fabrics, isn't a new one for Steiff. After WWI there were shortages of luxury fabrics, such as mohair and wool, that had been traditionally used, so they had to be inventive, creating plush from recyclable alternatives, including miniature paper rolls, woven into a fabric backing for their paper bears.
Now linen, hemp, violan felt and bamboo are also being revisited, with the last being used for Richard.

Richard is a fully jointed teddy bear. He has been sewn from a gloriously textured, and silky-soft grey bamboo-viscose plush, with warm, violan palms and soles, whilst being lovingly stuffed with corn fibre filling. He has glossy black wooden eyes and black, hand stitched features bringing his appealing charm to life.

To finish he wears his distinctive, uncoated chest tag, featuring the 1897 company chest logo, confirming his allegiance to the Teddies of Tomorrow series. He also bears the new, Classic Ear Tag, which is now white with blue print

*This bear is NOT a toy. The item is intended for adult collectors only. Please refer to the care and safety guide but he should not be machine washed, bleached, dry cleaned, tumble dried or ironed.